Single Saturdays: Céline Dion – Flying On My Own

Canadian singer Céline Dion has released a new single entitled Flying On My Own. The song tells the story of a woman who feels the freedom of independence and the love from her partner.

The primary genre of this song is Pop with segments of dance and techno music. The Techno parts remind me of the music by the Finnish DJ Darude. During the verses of the tune, the sound is calming and soothing. I feel like I’m at the spa at times. The rhythm is fantastic and catchy.

Céline Dion’s voice is powerful and mighty as always. She can hit the high notes as well as the low ones in a smooth transition. She captures the feeling of love and freedom perfectly. Her voice is unforgettable. She knows how to sing different musical genres, and she demonstrates in this song.

Liz Rodrigues, Anton Felix Martensson, and Jorgen Kjell Elafsson wrote the single Flying On My Own. The lyrics have symbolical as well as metaphorical meanings to them. Flying is symbolical because it represents the freedom that one can go anywhere they choose, such as when Céline Dion mentions the eagle and the wings. The dust clearing represents clarity. The winds are a metaphor for encouragement. The words of the song are rich in meaning. The poetic structure is incredible. The verses have the ABAB structure to them whereas the chorus has a freestyle flow to it, AABA. The refrain has a simplicity to it with the repetition of the song’s title Flying On My Own to emphasize how she feels. It’s a beautifully written song.

The single Flying On My Own is now available.

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