Single Saturdays: Alexander Cardinale & Christina Perri – Simple Things

Alexander Cardinale has released a new single featuring Christina Perri entitled Simple Things. The song tells the story of a couple who realize that they want to go back to the basics after over-complicating their lives, the simple things. It’s also about putting things in perspective when one feels overwhelmed with what life throws at us.

The genre of the single Simple Things is Pop. There are some parts of the song that have a Jazzy twist to them. It starts with a slow beat then it increases in tempo when Alexander Cardinale and Christina Perri sing the chorus, which gives a sense of optimism. I enjoy hearing the piano in the background. It provides the song with a lovely composition and rhythm.

Alexander Cardinale and Christina Perri’s voices compliment each other nicely with a lovely contrast in their vocal styles. Alexander Cardinale has a deep voice. Christina’s Perri has a singing style in which she hits the higher notes. Both singers perform a verse respective and then sing together in the third one. One can hear each singer distinctively with no overlap.

The lyrics have an impressive freestyle writing in terms of the rhyme structure. There’s the use of repetition that gives the song a poetic flavour as is the case when Alexander Cardinale and Christina Perri sing “Do Do Do” over and over again. It reminds me of Jazz music when I hear that. The message behind the song is going to the basics makes life simpler. Instead of making grand gestures, sometimes a little goes a long way. Complicating one’s life is familiar that we forget what’s essential in life. The song Simple Things coveys that message perfectly.

The single Simple Things is now available.

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