Single Saturdays: Jonny Zye- I Can’t Wait

Jonny Zye has released a new single entitled I Can’t Wait. It’s a song that tells the story about a guy who dreams of meeting the love of his life regardless of where she comes from because a good character is vital in a relationship.

The music is Country with a contemporary twist. The instrument commonly used in this genre is the guitar, which is a trademark for Jonny Zye. The rhythm is a mix of both fast and slow; it’s like a musical wave. The composition is structured and well-done.

Jonny Zye’s voice is fantastic as always, sounding bolder and more confident. It has evolved in these last five years. Jonny Zye knows how to follow the rhythm correctly.

The lyrics are romantic and sweet, beautifully written. Jonny Zye repeats the title words I Can’t Wait at the end of the chorus a few times to emphasize his excitement of meeting the love of his life. In the first verse, he talks about the woman he loves whom he hasn’t met yet. He describes the possibility that she’s thinking the same thing. The second verse focuses on how the woman he would love should respect and honour her family as well as get along with his. Jonny Zye also describes the woman’s lovely smile. Both verses lead up to the chorus that says that it doesn’t matter where she comes from as long as she’s a kind person. When he sings “Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, East coast to the West coast – I know that we’ll meet when I need her the most,” he means that he has faith that the love of his love will come at the right place and at the right time. The words may be simple, but they have a deep meaning.

The single I Can’t Wait is now available.

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