Single Saturdays: Gizelle De Guzman-Raise a Glass/Lève Un Verre

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Canadian singer Gizelle De Guzman has released two singles – one in English and the other in French/English: Raise a Glass and Lève Un Verre.
They both tell the story of a girl getting her life back on track after a break-up.

The songs have a musical mix of Country and Pop. Gizelle De Guzman plays her guitar as she did in her previous single We Don’t Love Like That Anymore. The beat is slow with parts that have a slightly faster tempo. The musical style of this tune parallels to that of Shania Twain and Faith Hill.

Gizelle De Guzman’s voice is incredible. She boldly sings Country with style and flare. She knows how to captures the emotions felt in both songs and hits the right notes.

The lyrics focus on resilience following a break-up or any challenging situation. There’s a reference to western culture such as the mention of whiskey. It’s a journey through life; a topic to which anyone can relate with the support of loved ones. It’s about persevering through life no matter what comes one’s way. I love the part when she says that she can fix a car, which something associated with boys, breaking gender rules. The song also gives the message to not give up, even when times are tough.

The singles Raise a Glass and Lève Un Verre are now available.

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