Ragheb Alama’s Remake of Alby Asheqha

Lebanese singer Ragheb Alama has remade his classic hit Alby Asheqha (My Heart Loves Her)*. It’s a love song that demonstrates how much the man loves his significant other. The lyrics remain the same, but the music is different from the original version.

The music of the remake has a mix of Tarab (Arabic classical music) and Modern Middle Eastern music. The beat of the song is faster than the original version. It’s a tune that a DJ may play at a wedding or a dance club. Both songs have a component where clapping is involved.
It’s a beautiful combination of classic and modern.

Ragheb Alama’s voice is just as incredible in this version as in the original release. He sings with back-up singers since in the video it’s a stage performance. He can follow the rhythm flawlessly. It’s impressive how he remade his classic hit. It gives the feeling of nostalgia and something new at the same time. Incredible!

The single Alby Asheqha (the remake) is available.

*Based on the blogger’s understanding of Arabic

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