Corey Hart’s Incredible EP Dreaming Time Again

Canadian singer Corey Hart has released a new EP entitled Dreaming Time Again. It’s a mini album that’s personal with the themes of love and life.

The music is an exciting mix of Pop and Classic Rock. It reminds me of Corey Hart’s music in the 80s and 90s. The tune Another December reminds of a classic hit he sang with his wife Julie Masse entitled Là-Bas (Over there). The song First Rodeo has some parts that parallel to the 80s hit Sunglasses at Night. This album has a catchy beat and fantastic rhythm.

Corey Hart’s voice is incredible and husky, as always. He sounds sweet, soothing, and in some songs, romantic. In one song, he sings a duet with Jim Cuddy, which is First Rodeo. Their vocal styles compliment each other well. Corey Hart’s vocal tempo changes smoothly and follows the rhythm. What a beautiful voice Corey Hart has!

The lyrics for each of the five songs tell a personal story, which gives them an authentic feel to them. Dream Time Again is about his musical career getting back on track. Shawnee Girl is a song that Corey Hart dedicates to his first-born daughter India, whose nickname is Shawnee. Another December is a touching and beautiful tribute to his late mother. Lastly, Tonight (I Wrote This Song) is an incredible love song dedicated to his wife, Julie Masse. The beautifully written words of all these tunes make this EP genuine and authentic, from the heart.

The EP Dream Time Again is now available.
Happy birthday Corey Hart!

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