Single Saturdays: Steve Provost -Jamais Ne Meurt

Canadian singer Steve Provost has a song entitled Jamais Ne Meurt (It Never Dies). It’s about how love conquers all if we have hope and faith in life.

The music is Folk combine some Country music. There’s a lovely slow beat that is soothing and sweet, as well as reassuring. He sings in French that’s Jouale / Folks (Québecois slang of speaking French). He has a musical style to singing.

Steve Provost’s voice is husky, as well as sweet and charming. He sings in sync with the music. He follows the rhythm correctly.

The lyrics have a homey feel to them, and they have a sense of hope and inspiration. Steve Provost repeats L’amour (Love) many times to emphasize the sentiment. The poetic structure is AABB with two lines rhyming with a same or similar sound. There is a smooth and beautiful flow to the song. That homey feel to the tune makes it authentic and relatable. It connects with the listeners who hear it — the video compliments this feeling quite nicely.

The song Jamais Ne Meurt is a single from the album Le Grand 6 Pieds (The big 6 feet).

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