Single Saturdays: Ryan Kennedy’s Latest Songs Featuring Geneviève Leclerc

Canadian singers Ryan Kennedy and Geneviève Leclerc have released new singles entitled Effet De Serre and Suits Me Well. The songs describe a love story that is full of passion.

The music is Pop music mixed with alternative and folk. The beat is slow with parts where the beat is faster. The guitar and the piano have quite a presence throughout the song. There’s a 90s feel to the tune that is similar to the music of artists like Moby and Sting.

Ryan Kennedy and Geneviève Leclerc’s voice compliment each other nicely. They both sound deep and soothing. They follow the rhythm and hit the high and low notes at the right moments.

The lyrics have a romantic meaning to them expressed through metaphors (including weather) and figurative language. There’s a well-done freestyle structure to both songs. The use of repetition emphasizes the intensity of love. The lyrics are so intricate that I had to listen to both songs to better understand Effet de Serre and Suit You Well. There’s also an impressive use of abstract imagery. Both songs have a profound meaning to them.

The songs Effet de Serre and Suit You Well are both available.

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