Marie-Mai “M”Album – 5th Anniversary

May 12, 2019, marks the 5th anniversary of French-Canadian singer Marie-Mai’s album “M.” It was a record that she released 14 months after Mirroir (Mirror), which came out in 2012. It was a pleasant surprise for Marie-Mai fans when announced. Marie-Mai had asked fans suggestions for names of the album. The results were interesting and amusing. However, the artist chose “M.”

The music in this album is quite dynamic. Some songs are edgy and with attitude; others are sweet and romantic. It’s a lovely variety of sounds. For those who pre-ordered the album five years ago on iTunes, ended with three bonus tracks. Two of which are acoustic versions of studio songs, which are À Bout Pourtant and Donne. The music ranges in this record are impressive.

Marie-Mai’s voice has an incredible variety of vocal styles. She can sound edgy and hard-core to soft and sweet, even romantic. When she sings Conscience and À Bout Pourtant (studio version), she is fearless in her voice. In contrast to that, Marie-Mai has a delicate voice in other tunes. The songs are Indivisible, Donne (both studio and acoustic), and On Change, etc. [change later]. She knows how to play with the register of her vocals to go from high to low, and vice-versa.

The lyrics of each song tells its own story, yet part of a bigger picture.
Each tune conveys a specific emotion or emotions such as love, joy, anger and heartbreak, etc. In some songs, the poetic technique of repetition is used to emphasize a feeling. There are a couple of examples Ne M’écoute Pas (Don’t Listen to Me) and Ma Conscience (My Conscious). The lyrics of these tracks are well-written. Each song is rhythmic and has a smooth poetic flow.

Check out this dynamic album. Enjoy!

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