Mac DeMarco’s Latest Album Here Comes The Cowboy

Canadian singer Mac DeMarco has released a new album entitled Here Comes The Cowboy. The themes of this record are contemplation, nostalgia and love.

The musical genre of this album is alternative with some hints of Country music. The beat of the songs is very soothing, most of the time. There are few tunes in which the tempo of the music is faster. The musical of this album overall has a 70s touch to it. Also, there’s a David Bowie feel to many of the songs. “Bye Bye Baby” is a track that goes from fast to slow to fast again, as well as silence in between. It was unusual hearing the first time around, but there’s a structured flow to it.

Mac DeMarco’s voice is mostly husky with moments where he hits the high notes. He follows the beat of the sounds in all the songs, even the ones with limited words. When he sings the songs Nobody, his style of singing reminds of Queen’s “Doing All Right.” It’s impressive his vocal style of performing.

The lyrics are simplistic but abstract at times. Mac DeMarco has an exciting imagination. Choosing to say very in the songs seems uncommon (in my opinion), but nicely done in this case. Some songs have a romantic touch to them, such as Heart to Heart and Love.

My favourite songs are Here Comes the Cowboy, Finally Alone, Hi Cowgirl, and Heart to Heart.

The album Here Comes the Cowboy is now available.

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