Single Saturdays: Jonny Zye – Love Therapy

American singer Jonny Zye has released a new single entitled Love Therapy.
It’s about a guy who moves on from a failed relationship into one that has potential; the same thing is happening to the girl he loves.

The music has a Country style to it that is incredible. Jonny Zye has the talent to play any genre of music. Playing the guitar is his trademark technique in performing. There’s a fantastic mix of slow and fast tempos with perfect rhythm. This song has a lovely Summer vibe, as well a California vibe to it.

Jonny Zye’s voice is soothing and comforting. He sounds reassuring when he sings about a new love, which may be difficult at times. He has a variety in the tone of his voice. He can go low or high at just the right moment.

The lyrics are well-written. There’s a sense of hope and inspiration to find love again after heartbreak. The couple is reassuring each other shows that love conquers all, even when it feels impossible. The right person can mend the pieces of a broken heart- that’s the message behind this song. Don’t lose hope when it comes to love. Jonny Zywiciel parallels his heartbreak to that of the girl he likes. He knows how to make listeners relate to the subjects of his song.

The song Love Therapy is now available.

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