Single Saturdays: Christina Perri – Tiny Victories

Christina Perri has released a new single entitled Tiny Victories. It . was issued for an HBO documentary entitled Foster. The song tells the story of someone overcoming their self-doubt and emotional challenges through a positive pep-talk to oneself. This tune is one to which many of us can relate because at some point in our lives we deal with emotional baggage such as anxiety, whatever the reason may be.

The music has a slow beat that is soothing and calming. It sounds reassuring when heard. The piano in the background compliments that feeling very nicely. There’s also a subtle sound of the violin that gives a nice touch.

Christine Perri’s voice is full of hope despite the emotional challenges. I hear the confidence when she’s singing this tune. It’s inspirational. She knows how to capture the feeling of hope by seeing a silver lining.

The lyrics are full of encouragement and optimism. Repeating the words “Tiny Victory” and “Tiny Victories” is a way to emphasize hope and confidence, as well as a way to remind ourselves that everything is going to be okay. There’s a beautiful use of metaphors, similes and symbols. The metaphor, for example, is a million little pieces, which represents the feeling of being lost in one’s mind. Three symbols caught my attention: the sword, the mirror and the light. The sword is a representation of fighting and in this case overcoming anxiety, emotional difficulties or mental illness. The mirror signifies looking at oneself beyond the accurate reflection but seeing the best in ourselves. The light embodies the object that pushes away the darkness, and in this context, negative thinking represents that. Lastly, the simile in this song is a wrecking ball, which has a strong force. When Christina Perri sings about that, my interpretation is that the negative emotions can overpower her all of a sudden. However, the song ends on a hopeful note with the words tiny victories.

The song Tiny Victories is now available.

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