Single Saturdays: Olivier Dion -Feels Right

Oliver Dion has released another single from his upcoming album Exposed. It talks about a man who’s attracted a woman’s who spoken for, but his feelings don’t seem wrong. He’s conflicted about what to do. Jimmy Burney wrote and composed the song.

The music is a mix of upbeat and fast in an alternate sequence. Different sound effects are specific to a precise mood or moment. The flow of these sounds is incredible. The composition of this song is well-done. I was able to follow the beat without any difficulty.

Olivier Dion’s voice is deep and soft. He follows the rhythm flawlessly. He captures the inner felt in regards to being attracted to an available woman.

The lyrics capture the sense of contradiction felt in a situation described in the song. It may be an impossible love because of circumstances that are beyond his control. A scenario to which one can relate. There’s a freestyle flow to the song. It doesn’t always rhyme, but there’s a structure to the words — impressive work by Jimmy Burney.

The song Feels Right is now available.

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