First Album Fridays: Yama Laurent’s Eponym Album

The 2018 Winner of La Voix (Quebec’s version of The Voice) Yama Laurent has released her first album entitled Yama Laurent. The overall themes of this record are the journey through life and love.

The music is French Pop with a sound that’s similar to Gospel. Each song reflects a specific mood or story that is determined by the tempo. The guitar, the piano and the organ have a presence throughout the album. There are three remakes on this record but with a new musical style that is unique to the Canadian singer.

Yama Laurent’s voice is deep and husky. She sings with passion and with all her heart. When she performs, she sounds like she’s in an incredible choir. It’s impressive! When she sings in a duet with Garou and another one with Nanette Workman, their voices compliment each other nicely.

The lyrics of the songs have a personal touch to them, which makes them authentic. There is a range of emotions from joy to sadness to self-confidence and hope. Yama Laurent sings about finding oneself, something to which one can relate. An example of this is the song Chanter est ma Couleur (Singing is my colour). Finding happiness is another relatable subject like the case with the tune Le Bonheur (Joy or Happiness). The songs have a romantic and poetic feel to them and are inspirational.

The album Yama Laurent is now available.

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