First Album Fridays Salesbarbes Live au Pas Perdus (Live)

An Homage to Acadia

The Acadian group Salebarbes has released their first album entitled “Live au Pas Perdus.” The members are Jean-François Breau, George Belliveau, Jonathan Painchaud, Éloi Painchaud, and Kevin McIntyre. The focus of this album is primarily an Homage to Acadian culture and folklore.

The music is Folklore, Acadian style. The instruments heard throughout the album are Guitar, Accordion, and the violin. It’s live music, which sounds just as incredible as a studio recording. When I hear this album, I imagine myself in the Acadian region of the province of New Brunswick. I want to get up and dance.

The voices of the fives members compliment each other nicely. They sound like friends who have known each for years- a sense of comradery. I enjoy hearing the Acadian accent in this album; it’s a nice touch. They pay a lovely tribute to the Acadian culture. I can listen to their pride and enthusiasm when they sing these Folkloric songs.

My favourite songs are Chats par la Cheu, Allons Danser (Let’s Dance), and Les Haricots.

The album Live au Pas Perdus (Live) is now available.

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