Mario Pelchat’s Cover Album: Pelchat Aznavour Désormais

A Lovely Tribute to Charles Aznavour

Canadian and Quebecois singer Mario Pelchat has released a cover album that pays homage to the late French artist Charles Aznavour. Pelchat sings classics such as La Bohème and La Mamma.

The music is similar to the original songs by Charles Aznavour but with a nice twist for Mario Pelchat. Having heard the works of such an incredible singer like Charles Aznavour and this version of his music, I learned to appreciate the French classics.

Mario Pelchat’s voice is lovely. He has his take on the songs while still honouring the musical artistry of the late Charles Aznavour. I heard Pelchat’s other works with classical and gospel music, and this album suits his musical style perfectly. He follows the rhythm with precision and style.

The album Mario Pelchat’s Cover Album: Pelchat Aznavour Désormais is now available.

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