Single Saturdays: Joseph Attieh – Lahza

Joseph Attieh’s Latest Single is Lahza (A moment). It’s a song that tells the story about the aftermath of a breakup along with nostalgia and heartbreak. Rami Chalhoub wrote and composed the song.

The music is prolonged to demonstrate a sense of sadness. The instruments heard are the violin and the piano. At the end of the song, the sound fades, which creates the suspense of an open-end; whether the couple in question get back together or not. The music of Lahza reminds me of the classical Italian music of old movies. The composition is well-structured.

Joseph Attieh’s voice is low and husky. It sounds heavy because of the sad story this song tells. At times, he seems like he’s singing in the spoken word because the music is blending in the background.

The lyrics are simple but descriptive. Joseph Attieh uses the poetic technique of repetition, emphasizing the feeling of sadness and heartbreak, as well as nostalgia. There are two rhyme structures AABB and ABAB. The verses have AABB, and the chorus has ABAB. The topic of heartbreak is one to which many people can relate, as I’ve mentioned in other articles. Rami Chalhoub did an excellent job of capturing the emotions of sadness and heartbreak.

The song Lahza is now available.

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