Single Saturdays: Brad Paisley- My Miracle

Country singer Brad Paisley has released a new single entitled My Miracle. The song tells the story of a man who expresses gratitude to the woman he loves, by calling her a miracle.

The music is flowy and slow, with a well-done composition. It sounds romantic; it’s worthy of a slow dance. The guitar has an incredible presence in the background. The hymnology compliments Brad Paisley’s voice wonderfully. It reminds of the classic country music, especially the ballads from artists like Tim McGraw and Jason Aldean.

Brad Paisley’s voice is rich, deep and beautiful, as well as romantic and sweet. He follows the rhythm excellently. He sings from the heart, which gives authenticity.

The lyrics are romantic and poetic. Brad Paisley’s single My Miracle has a descriptive text about his significant including specific details such as her height (5’5″). He references religion in a romantic context when he says whiskey to wine, instead of water to wine. He talks about the Gospel in his way. The title My Miracle is a personal metaphor in which meeting the love of his life profoundly changed him; some may say an epiphany. One’s perspective changes when we meet “the one.” It inspires me to believe that love can be everlasting and beautiful.

The single My Miracle is now available. Enjoy!

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