Single Saturdays: Joseph Attieh – Bi Ouyouni

Lebanese Singer Joseph Attieh has released a new single entitled Bi Oyouni (Under my watch)*. It tells the story about a man who falls in love with a woman at first sight and explains to her throughout the song how he’ll care for her and honour her.

The music is slow at first then the tempo increases slightly. The guitar has a primary presence in the song, along with lute. There’s a nice mix of Middle Eastern and Western Sounds. The beat of the song reminds of the upcoming Summer season. It also reminds me of the music I heard during my vacation in Spain, a while back. Ali Hassoun composed the incredible music of this tune.

Joseph Attieh’s voice is both high and low, as well as soft and rhythmic. The way he sings is with reassurance, kindness, and love. He follows the flow of the music and is in tune with it.

When one hears the lyrics of the song, one can sense that the man is reassuring the woman of his genuine intentions. The verses and chorus indicate that he loves her like crazy, the emotion getting more intense as well as comfort her by saying that he’ll be there for her. The rhyme style is AABB, throughout the tune. Amer Lawand wrote the beautiful lyrics of Bi Ouyouni.

The song Bi Ouyouni is now available.

*Translation based on the basic understanding of Arabic.

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