First-Album Fridays: Ana Stasia – Best Life EP

Canadian singer Ana Stasia released her EP Best Life, last August. The themes of the EP are Women’s empowerment, courage as well as life’s ups and downs.

The music of each song reflects the mood or feeling. It’s an impressive mix of Pop and R&B. The same thing applies to the beats- they give a special effect to the song. The tunes Shade and Hotel Key are examples of how they have a “stop” effect, which emphasizes the emotion felt, which is anger and heartache. The other songs have a happier tone, and there are no harsh stops. They have a smooth and rhythmic flow. The song Best Life is an example of how the music sounds happy and optimistic.

Ana Stasia’s voice is passionate and soulful. She is in tune with the rhythm. You can hear how she feels by the intensity of her sound. It’s clear- she’s determined and confident or upset and takes no nonsense.

The lyrics of three out of the fives songs describe a sense of hope and confidence. The EP starts and ends on a positive note. The exceptions, however, are Shade and Hotel Key. Shade is about women who fight off unwanted attention from men who harass them. In a recent interview on Breakfast Television Montreal, Ana Stasia said the stories of the “Me Too” movement inspired her to do this song. Hotel Key describes in detail about a woman who finds a hotel key and questions her partner. We hear a male voice telling his side of the story. There’s a dialogue between the two, which is different from other songs that talk about cheating in a relationship. The tune Best Life describes a woman with self-confidence living a life that makes her happy. The words in each song are intricate with deep meaning

My favourite songs are Hotel Key, Shade and Best Life.
The EP Best Life by Ana Stasia is available. Enjoy!

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