Single Saturdays: Sab & Steph Take Me Back Home/Au Loin Là-Bas

Canadian duo Sab & Steph have a single entitled Take Me Back Home. There’s also a French version entitled Au loin de là-bas. Both songs tell the story of two sisters who wish to return home to reconnect with one’s origins.

The music is slow with upbeats parts to it, which is common in Country songs. When I hear this song, I feel like going on a road trip, especially on a lovely Summer day. The sound of the guitar in this song is soothing and relaxing.
Sab & Steph’s voices are soft and sweet. They sing in sync with each other. Their sounds compliment each other well.

The lyrics have a beautiful simplicity to them. Sab and Steph sing a detail description of their place of origin, giving it a personal feel. The words of both songs are structured and have a rhythmic flow to them.

Both singles are available. Enjoy!

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