Single Saturdays: Alexe Gaudreault – Secret

French Canadian Alexe has a new single entitled Secret. It’s about a girl whose ex constantly lies to women he dates. She remembers his lies and hears about the same thing happening again with another woman.

The music is Pop with a catchy sound, similar to the classic style of French Music, especially Quebec Pop Music. It reminds me of two songs by Marie-Mai entitled Empire and Je Decole, with a slightly faster beat. The tempo of the sound is fantastic and smooth. It reflects the mood of the song perfectly.

Alexe’s voice is soft and low but with an attitude. She sounds like she dares to move on from a failed relationship, as well as points out to the ex that any women will figure out his lies.

The lyrics talk about a guy who continually cheats in his relationships, but one girl is clever and courageous to point it out to him. The metaphor of “reflet” (reflection) represents the reality that a mirror doesn’t hide. The symbol of the image is significant because she talks about not everything you see is what it seems. There’s a poetic flow to it. Alexe, Charles Guay, and Ryan Stewart wrote the lyrics with a freestyle way that gives this song essence.

The song Secret by Alexe is now available. Enjoy!


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