Single Saturdays: Laurence St-Martin -Filles Des Îles

Canadian Singer Laurence St-Martin has this amazing single entitled Filles Des Îles (The Girls of the island). It tells the story of a girl who’s proud of her origins, even if she may live in the city.

The music has two types of beats: upbeat and slow. When Laurence St-Martin sings the verses, the sound is slower. When she performs the chorus, the beat is a bit faster. Christian Sbrocca composed this song with a smooth transition from the verses to the chorus, which a part of a quality composition. There’s a Summer feel to it, which has me thinking about the warm weather of that season.

Laurence St-Martin’s voice is cheerful and full of life. She sings with pride and joy about her village and the people whom she knew growing up. Her sound is unforgettable.

The lyrics have a sense of joy in them just like Laurence St-Martin’s voice. Her song has descriptive details to it. The words have a personal and genuine touch to them because she talks about her family and her village of origin. Richard Turcotte did an excellent job writing the lyrics of Filles Des Îles. He captured the sentiment of being proud of one’s identity.

The single Filles Des Îles is now available. Enjoy!

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