Ingrid St-Pierre – Petite Plage

Canadian Singer Ingrid St-Pierre has released a new album entitled Petite Plage (A Little Beach). The overall feeling of this record is whimsical like a fairytale. There’s also a touch of personal experiences in this album.

The music in this album is soothing and relaxing. It even reminds me of the meditation albums, similar to the sounds from the works of Dan Gibson’s solitude. Ingrid St-Pierre composed her songs. When I listen to this record, I feel like I’m at a spa retreat or home, meditating. It sounds the Amazon rainforest at times, especially those of waterfalls. The main instruments heard in this album are the piano and the ukelele. he song Sac Banane featuring Heartstreets has incredible rap music that blends well with the soft sounds.

Ingrid St-Pierre’s voice is soft, almost like she’s whispering, even child-like. It’s sweet and comforting. It sounds rhythmic and flows naturally. She plays with the register of her voice, which can go low or high pitch.

The lyrics of the songs are poetic and romantic. The tunes of this album feel like fantasies or fairytales. The text is descriptive and detailed. It gives something for the imagination. Ingrid St-Pierre makes use of metaphors, repetition and other techniques to provide the songs with a “whimsical” effect.

My favourite songs on this album are À La Mer, Les Joalliers, and La Lumineuse (Une Lettre à Mon Fils).

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