The Backstreet Boys’ Latest Album DNA

Backstreet Boys have released a new album entitled DNA. It’s an album that is a dynamic of musical styles. Their music has evolved since 25 years. This record is an example of a willingness to experiment with their music. There are three themes in this fantastic album: love, friendship and family life.

The music is primarily pop, but in some songs combined with dance and techno music. It’s contemporary while reminding of their sound from the 90s. The beat is catchy just like their previous. I felt nostalgic when I listened to this album. The music is just as incredible as when they started in 1993.
The voices of the Backstreet Boys compliment each other. Their sounds are mature and have a depth to them. Impressive!

The lyrics have a personal feel to them with a rhythmic structure. The Backstreet Boys have evolved musically and personally. It shows in their songs. The words of the tunes describe genuine emotions with poetic techniques such as metaphors, similes, and personification.

My favourite songs are Breath, Nobody Else, No Place, and Chances. The album DNA is now available. Enjoy!



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