Soundtrack Saturdays: Race Time Movie

The movie Race Time is out in theatres, and the soundtrack is now available. The movie is about Frankie-Four-Eyes and his friends that compete against newcomer Zac. The songs focus on the themes of friendship and hope.

The music of this soundtrack is similar to one for the original version in French, just as fantastic. This record is upbeat overall, and it sounds incredible. There’s even an 80s feel to it, especially with Cindy Lauper’s song Together. It’s a mix of different genres including pop, rock, and country,

The artists’ voices are amazing. Cyndi Lauper, Robby Johnson, Lara Fabian, Simple Plan, and more perform spectacularly in this record. Their musical styles in this soundtrack blend together nicely.

There are some that are both the French and English Versions of the movie soundtrack: Bigger by Simple Plan, What If by Lara Fabian and Beautiful Day by The Cool Kids.

My favourite songs are Better Day by Robby Johnson, Bigger by Simple Plan, Together by Cyndi Lauper, and Beautiful Day by the Cool Kids.



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