Single Saturdays: Roch Voisine – Christmas Songs 2018

Canadian singer Roch Voisine has released a new Christmas single, in English and French. The English song is entitled My First Christmas Tree, and the French title is Mon Premier Sapin Blanc. Both versions are incredible and catchy. The story of these Christmas songs is about a guy who goes down memory lane of past Christmases.

The music of these songs has the style of Classic Christmas music. Roch Voisine and Jeff Smallwood composed both versions of these Christmas singles. There’s a nostalgic feel to it, as well as holiday cheer.

Roch Voisine’s voice is impressive and has great rhythm. It’s a joy to listen to his music. He knows how to bring life to a song, as it is the case with these Christmas tunes. His voice is cheerful and energetic.

Roch Voisine and Jeff Smallwood wrote the lyrics of both Christmas singles. The words have a smooth rhythm. The story is beautiful and dynamic. There’s simple rhyming at times, as well as delightful similes. The lyrics of both versions of the song bring out the joy of this lovely holiday season.

Enjoy both versions of Roch Voisine’s latest Christmas singles.

Happy holidays everyone!

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