Michale Bublé- Love (Deluxe Edition) – A Romantic Album

Canadian singer Michael Bublé has released a new album entitled Love. It’s a record with covers of classic romantic hits (i.e. La Vie En Rose) and two original songs: Love You Anymore and Forever Now. The title of the album is an excellent indicator of the overall theme.

The music of this album is a fantastic mix of pop and jazz. I can imagine people who host parties playing this record, especially during the holiday season or Valentine’s day. It reminds me of Michael Bublé’s early albums “Michael Bublé” and “It’s Time.” Michael Bublé’s crooner style is present in this album. The piano in the background compliments the songs perfectly.

As always, Michael Bublé’s voice is impressive with smoothness and depth. It’s also soulful and rich. He can change registers in his voice flawlessly.

The lyrics of the songs in the album “Love” are incredible. His original songs Love You Anymore and Forever Now are well-done. They compliment the covers that Michael Bublé did in this record.

Love is a romantic album that people can listen to any time of the year, not just the holidays. Michael Bublé’s album Love is now available. Enjoy!

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