My Silent Bravery’s Latest EP – Willing To Try: Chapter 3

The American band, My Silent Bravery, has released another EP: Willing to Try Chapter 3. The album has four songs. The overall theme of the album is relationships and memories. The songs are Denial, Split Second Memories, What Are You Waiting For, and Homecoming.

The music genre of the album is rock. There’s a nice presence of the guitar in all of the four songs. Denial has the nice dance beat to it, which reminds me of the music from the late 90s. The song Split Second Memories has a rock rhythm that is catchy. The songs “What Are You For?” and “Homecoming” have a slower beat to them. The composition of all four tunes is impressive.

The lyrics focus on relationships in an intricate manner, with emotion and thought. Denial and Split Second Memories talk about relationships and the exciting times, as well as the nervous feeling one can feel when in love. What Are You Waiting is about the doubts people have when they’re in a relationship. Homecoming tells the story about a guy who reassures his significant other that there’s nothing to worry about and that everything will be alright. There’s beautiful poetry to the songs, all four of them.

The song I really like is Split Second Memories. The EP Willing to Try Chapter 3 is now available. Enjoy!

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