Zaz- Effet Mirroir- A Mosaic of Musical Styles

French singer Zaz has released a new album entitled Effet Mirror (The Mirror Effect). It’s her fourth record. The overall theme of this album is that of contemplation about love and life.

The music of the album has a mix of pop, dance, jazz and salsa. Que Vendra is an example of a song with a Salsa/latin style. J’aime J’aime (I love) has a dance beat that is unforgettable. The songs with slower beat are the ones that make one think or tell stories of heartbreak. The piano is the instrument that is dominant in those tunes. Zaz’s latest album is a mosaic of musical styles.

Zaz’s voice is smooth and consistent. At times she sounds like she’s doing a monologue, which reminds of the works of the late Jacques Brel. There are two examples of songs like that: Mes Souvenirs De Toi (My Memories of You), Ma Valse (My Waltz), and Laponie. Her voice is soft; it sounds like she’s whispering. It’s impressive!

The lyrics to the songs create of different emotions from such as love, hope, and sadness and heartbreak. The words are in sync with the music of the album. Repetition is a poetic technique in these songs to emphasize the emotion the person is feeling. The lyrics are well-written and dynamic.

My favourite songs are Que Vendra, J’aime J’aime, Je Parle, and Plume. Effet Mirroir is now available. Enjoy!

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