First Single Fridays: Khaled Mounib -Toa Al Mazag

Egyptian singer Khaled Mounib has released his first single Toa al Mazag (Heavy Mood). He’s the nephew of the late Amer Mounib. The song is about a guy whose relationship is overwhelming but exciting.

The music of this song has a mix of two genres: pop and dance/techno. Some parts of the song remind me of Amer Mounib’s works, especially in the early 2000s, such as Layali (Nights), Ayam wa Layali (Days and Nights), and Moshta’alak Ainy (My Eyes Miss You). The rhythm of Toa al Mazag has a slightly different rhythm, mainly when Khaled Mounib sings the chorus. There’s a stop effect that is distinct. Mino composed the song.

Khaled Mounib has a genuine voice. At times he sounds like his late uncle Amer Mounib. It takes me a second to realize that it’s not Amer Mounib singing, but his nephew. Khaled Mounib’s goes to a higher register in some parts of the song. He has potential as a singer.

The lyrics have a structure with meaning and smooth rhythm. The words are romantic and sweet. The rhyme scheme is AA BB. Salma Rasheed wrote the lyrics of the song.

Mafeesh Kalam Ye’tal (There’s nothing more to say) is coming out soon.

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