Single Saturdays: Ragheb Alama- Yalla Habibi Feat. Seyi Shay & Costi

Ragheb Alama has released another single for the Summer season entitled Yalla Habibi (Let’s go my love or Come on my love) featuring Nigerian-British artist Seyi Shay and Romanian singer Costi. It’s a lovely blend of cultures. That is especially the case in the music (below).

The music of Yalla Habibi is a fusion of different genres, which are Arabic, Dance, R&B with a subtle hint of Pop. There’s a beachy-feel to it the beat of the song. It reminds of the song of the musical style of a tune from the early the 2000s, called Yalla Ya Shabab (featuring Armenian-Iranian Andy Madadian). However, Yalla Habibi has a faster tempo. It’s an experimental style that differs from what Ragheb Alama usually sings. His musical style is typically a mix of Arabic music with Pop music.

The lyrics are romantic and fun. Repetition, a poetic technique, gives it a simplistic form. Most of the tune is in Arabic, with some parts sung in English. Both Seyi Shay and Costi sing a few words in Arabic, which is impressive. The subject of love is evident in this song.

Ragheb Alama’s voice is incredible as always and slightly remixed with the music. It didn’t affect the quality of his singing. Seyi Shay’s voice is powerful, even if she just sang briefly. It’s unforgettable, and I look forward to discovering more of her music. Costi’s voice, like Seyi Shay’s sound, is also memorable. Their voices compliment each other very well.

Ragheb Alama’s latest single Yalla Habibi is available on music streaming sites. Enjoy!

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