Single Saturdays: Michaël-Donnons-Nous La Peine

French-Canadian singer Michaël has released a single entitled Donnons-Nous La Peine (Let’s Gives Us a Chance). The story is about a man whose relationship is going through difficult times, and he’s uncertain of what to do.

The music is slow and subtle. Marc Dupre composed the song, Donnons-Nous La Peine. It reminds me of the soothing sounds of meditation melodies that I listened to from time to time, especially a rainforest. Michaël’s music is similar to that of Marc Dupre and Nicola Ciccone.

Michaël’s voice is smooth and soft. His style of singing reminds of Marc Dupre. An example of a tune by Marc Dupre is “Song.” When Michaël sings the verses of the song, it touches like a spoken word. The chorus, however, his voice is louder, and with intensity and passion.

The lyrics have a rich vocabulary, notably in French songs. They describe the struggles of a relationship, but there is still a sense of hope. There’s use of metaphors and similes. For example, he tells his significant other, if she stays, he gets out of his desert (first verse). Another example is how without his lover, it feels like war but reuniting with her is like a peace treaty. The description of these metaphors and similes is incredible.

Donnons-Nous La Peine is a marvellous poetic song by Michaël.

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