Single Saturdays: Chad Brownlee-Dear Drunk Me

Canadian singer Chad Brownlee has released a summer hit entitled Dear Drunk Me. The song tells a story about a man who speaks to his drunk self not to do anything that he would regret later. To more specific, he says to the drunken version of himself not to call his ex-girlfriend. It’s a reminder of not to repeat the same mistake.

The musical style of this song is Country. One can hear the sound of a guitar in the background. The pace of the music is slow at times then tempo increases when Chad Brownlee sings the chorus. There’s a sound of hands clapping that blends in the background. Everything is well put together in this tune. His voice is in sync with the music.

Chad Brownlee’s voice is low and smooth. The British Columbia native’s voice sounds like that of a southern gentleman. He sings goes high voice, similar to that of BeeGees’ member Barry Gibb in between the chorus and the verses. The changes in his sound are impressive. The pause when he says “When you’re…drunk me” is an interesting detail in the song.

The lyrics are descriptive and precise, which are like a letter from the sober man to his drunken self about the consequences of the state in which he finds himself. The subject of being drunk is a relatable topic.

It is a well-written and catchy song!

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