Single Saturdays: BRDGS-All My Friends

Canadian singer BRDGS has released a new single entitled All My Friends. It’s a song that tells the story of a guy who feels like he’s falling behind in life, in comparison to his friends. However, he seems to accept that later on in the song. I recently attended my 10-year High School Reunion, which had me thinking of this song. It was also a reminder of how my friends and I are at different stages in our lives, and it’s okay.

The style of the song reminds me of 90’s/early 2000’s Pop music, especially N’Sync and Backstreet Boys. There’s a nostalgic feel to it. The rhythm of the music has a beat-box style to it. Then, there’s a pause before the chorus, which is brief, but effective.
BRDGS’ voice is solid and distinct. His voice goes a bit high-pitch but in a smart manner. He sings along with the music with impeccable timing. His voice blends into the background in the beginning and before the last verse. It’s quite interesting.

The lyrics have a rhythm that flows naturally and effortlessly even. The words may rhyme in the traditional sense, but they do have similar effects in how they sound. It starts negatively, and then it ends on a hopeful. Enjoy life to the fullest! That is my interpretation of these lyrics.

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