Single Saturdays: Amr Diab-Ta’ali

Amr Diab’s second single from the Kol Hayaty album: Ta’ali (Come to me) is about a man who wants to be with his significant other.

The music has a techno-dance beat, which reminds me of what I would here at the beach, especially in the summer season. The kind of music reminds of what one would hear in an exercise video. The beat reminds of the music of two of his albums: Al-Leila (The Night) and Shoft El Ayam (I Saw the Days). The techno dance beat is a style that can be heard in Amr Diab’s recent music. There is a subtle presence of Arabic-style music, which is also heard in his music. Amr Diab’s voice is in sync with the music. Egyptian singer Amr Moustafa composed this song. The song ends with the music fading away, it gives it a nice touch.

The lyrics are simple, but their meaning is profound. The words are romantic and sweet. The words of the song rhyme in a coordinated manner. Ta’ali is another song with repetition, which is a reoccurring style in Amr Diab’s music.

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