Single Saturdays: Amr Diab-Kol Hayaty

Amr Diab’s third single Kol Hayaty from the album with the same title. The song tells about a couple that has been together for many years, in which the man says to his significant other how much he loves her.

The music is slow with a smooth rhythm. It’s a song that could be suitable for a slow dance, in my opinion. It has a romantic feel to it. The piano is distinct in this song, a classic choice for slow songs. The beat reminds me of or is similar to another song entitle Habeet Ya Alby (Is my heart fall in love)*, from the album Al-Leila (The Night). However, the tempo of Kol Hayaty is slightly faster than Habeet Ya Alby.

The lyrics, like the music, are romantic. There are beautiful metaphors and similes, as well as personification that nicely describe the couple’s relationship. My favourite line of the song is when he sings: “Ala Ganah El-Khayal Ateer,” which means my imagination flies away. That’s my interpretation of the song. The part that is so sweet is how he tells his love that he sees the world in her eyes. The poetry in this song is rich with vocabulary. The rhyming is well done in this song, with style of AABB.

Enjoy the audio clip!

All three songs: Da Law Etsab, Ta’ali, and Kol Hayaty are all incredible songs from the album Kol Hayaty, coming out October 3, 2018.

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