Single Saturdays: Amr Diab -Da Law Etsab

Amr Diab has released three new singles this summer from his upcoming album entitled Kol Hayaty (My Whole Life). The first single he released was Da Law Etsab (if he abandons or leaves me). The song is about a guy who fears the idea of his significant other leaving him, as well as the overwhelming feeling when one is in love.

The music of this song is a mix of pop (Western-style) and Arabic music. The tempo of the tune is slow, and then it increases as it progresses. It goes back to slow towards the end of the song. There’s a lovely combination of bongo drums and tambourines. It gives it a Summer-y vibe.

The lyrics are simple, yet descriptive. In the beginning, the guy in the song talks about the agony one feels when in love, at times. That includes the time apart from his lover. However, there’s also the less scary side of being in love. Repetition, like many contemporary Arabic songs, is a common poetic technique to emphasize how one feels when in love (including the ups and downs). An example is when he asks the question: “Aamel eih?” (What do I do?).

Da Law Etsab is a summer single that I recommend, as a fan of Amr Diab. Enjoy!

The album Kol Hayaty comes out October 3, 2018.

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