Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram- Beautiful People (Agmal Nas)

Nancy Ajram has another single entitled “Beautiful People,” also known as “Agmal Nas” (The Best People)*. It’s another music hit for Summer 2018. The song is about spending time with loved ones and celebrating lovely memories.

The lyrics are simple and engaging. The flow of the words is continuous. They are uplifting and boost one’s moral. There’s even a sense of togetherness. Like in the song Aam Betghayar (I’m Changing), there’s use of repetition. Nancy Ajram repeats words like “Habayeb” (loved ones) and Aiyla (family), as well as a complete verse, which emphasizes being together with loved one. The lyrics and the music compliment one another very nicely. Another similarity to Nancy’s other single Aam Betghayar is how she stops at the end of the chorus line, which is in sync with the music.

The music of this song reminds of Latin music. There’s also Arabic-style music that’s blended into the tune. The tune of the trumpet is an example of Latin music that is amazing. Nancy Ajram’s voice blends into the music, which is stylistically interesting, creating a smooth rhythm. The song ends with a sound of a drum, which gives a nice touch. The composition is well-done!

The song “Beautiful People” compliments this incredible Summer season very well. Enjoy!


*The translation or understanding of the lyrics is approximate and interpreted by the blogger.

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