Single Saturdays: Nancy Ajram Aam Betghayar

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram has a new single entitled “Aam Betghayar” (I’m Changing). It’s a love song that about how a woman feels about the man she’s attracted to (or even in love with).

The lyrics are simple and straightforward in regards to how one feels when falling for someone. In this case, Nancy Ajram is talking about her feelings towards the man she loves. You can hear the joy in the lyrics and Nancy Ajram’s voice. The use of repetition of the sentence “Ya Habibi” (My Love) is an example of the emphasis of how she feels towards her significant other. Also in the chorus, she pauses on words like “Haddak” (Next to You) and “Hobak” (Your Love), which is another technique of emphasis. The lyrics are simple but have a deep meaning to them.

The music has a nice fast-pace beat that makes you want to get up and dance. It compliments the montage of clips from the Syrian TV series “Julia.” The combination of the two puts a smile on my face. There’s a mix of belly dancing-style music with Arabic pop music, which makes it fun & entertaining. There is a split-second stop of the music when she sings every line of the chorus, which applies to the composition of the song.

Enjoy the song!


*The translation or understanding of the lyrics is approximate and interpreted by the blogger.

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