Single Saturdays: Ragheb Alama-Elli Baana

Ragheb Alama has released a new single entitled “Elli Baana” ( The one who sold us out)*. It’s a song for the Summer season for Arabic music.
It’s a song about a guy, post-break-up realizes that the girl leaving him turns out to be a good thing for him.

The lyrics are straightforward and explain precisely how the man feels about the break-up. He’s upset, but also relieved that he no longer has to deal with the drama of his ex. He says in the song that he locked the door, which is a symbol of closure from his past. He mentions how the woman he loved was in a heavenly relationship but didn’t see it, and she caused grief.* The language is rich and well structured. The tune has a smooth flow from verses to the chorus to the musical segments.

The music is an excellent fusion of Arabic music with Western-style Pop music. Ragheb Alama’s voice follows the flow of the music very well. The rhythm is at the right tempo with a well-done composition. It’s a song that has a dance beat to it. The song ends with the title of the song sung in a fade.

*The translation or understanding of the lyrics is approximate and interpreted by the blogger.



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