Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again- Incredible Movie & Music

Saturday, July 28, 2018, I went to see the movie Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. I liked it very much. Having heard the soundtrack before watching the movie, I enjoyed the songs even more. The choreography and the tunes performed in the film made it visually pleasing. However, there was only one song that I didn’t hear in the movie, which was The Day Before You Came performed by Meryl Streep. That didn’t affect the film in any way.

The songs complement the movie and advance the story in a smooth rhythm. The order of the tunes in the film is the same as on the soundtrack. It was one thing to hear Cher singing. It was another to see her make her first appearance in the movie. She makes a spectacular entrance. I can’t imagine otherwise. Her voice is powerful and unforgettable. I loved her performance of Fernando with Andy Garcia. The colourful fireworks in the background worked with the song perfectly. Another musical performance I enjoyed was Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper’s version of One of Us, especially how the way they edited that segment. My favourite performance was Lily James and castmates’ version of When I Kissed the
Teacher. It was funny. I was excited when I saw one of the members of the original Abba group Björn Ulvaeus.

In some scenes, I heard the music of some of the other classic Abba hits such as Chiquitita, S.O.S, Mamma Mia, etc. The music was in the background, but impossible to miss.

It was an incredible movie!! I felt like getting up and dance the music is that good.

Watch the movie, when you have a chance. Beautiful story and fantastic music. Enjoy!

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  1. Japan doesn’t get Mamma Mia 2 till early September. But, the soundtrack is available on Spotify already. I listened to some of it last Saturday and I think it was alright. The greatest point is hearing Cher singing, I love her.

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