Soundtrack Saturdays: Mamma Mia Here We Go Again!

Mamma Mia, Here We Go Again came out in theatres July 20, 2018, The soundtrack is now available, and I enjoyed it very much. It was especially fun to hear Cher singing Fernando. What a voice!

Some of the classics such as Mamma Mia, Waterloo, and One of Us have a modified beat. It has a contemporary feel to it. There are also some songs that I had not heard of like Angel Eyes and When I Kissed the Teacher. It inspires to listen to the original version from Abba albums. I grew up listening to Abba, because of my family, especially my mom. It was hard, at first, to imagine the music with a different rhythm from the original versions. However, after listening to them again and again, I heard the homage to Abba, even if the beat is slightly different.

The actors’ performances of the songs are well-done. Lily James’s voice is especially incredible. She sings the most in the album, which makes senses because she plays young Donna, whose past we learn about in the movie. It was a joy to hear Cher singing songs from Abba. She’s a fantastic artist. Her voice is powerful and unforgettable, as always. The actors’ voices compliment each other nicely.

I haven’t seen the movie yet. I look forward to seeing it, especially hearing the classic hits of Abba. I would like to listen to the songs in the context of the film to have a better feel to these fantastic tunes.

My favourite songs from the soundtrack are Waterloo ( Lilly James & Hugh Skinner), Fernando (Cher & Andy Garcia) I Have a Dream ( Lilly James), Dancing Queen, and Super Trouper.




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