Flashback Friday! Spice Girls

Country: United Kingdom
Years Active: 1994-2000; 2007-08; 2012
Albums: Spice, Spiceworld, Forever, Greatest Hits

Group members: Emma Bunton (Baby Spice), Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice) Melanie “Mel B” Brown (Scary Spice), Melanie “Mel C” Chisholm (Sporty Spice), and Geri Halliwell (Ginger Spice).


The group was formed in 1994. However, their career wasn’t officially launched until 1996 when the Spice Girls release their debut single Wannabe and then album Spice. This was a start a successful and phenomenal music career. The Spice Girls became most recognised group since The Beatles. They had won two Brit awards including best song for Say You’ll Be There. 1997 was also another great year for the Spice Girls with a release of a second album Spice World featuring hits like Spice Up Your Life and Too Much. The same year, the film Spice World that was an accompaniment for the album of the same name. It was a light comedy that had a humorous take on what goes on during a Spice Girls tour. In 1998, the group three awards at the 1998 American Music Awards. They also did well at the Brit Awards and Billboard awards. There was supposed a-double sided album, which got cancelled in May 1998 due to Geri Halliwell’s departure from the group.

From 1998 to 2000, the group toured without Geri Halliwell, and continued to be successful in their career. In 2000, the Spice Girls released their last album before the hiatus entitled Forever. This album was not as successful as their previous albums. In the end of the year, the group had announced they were on a hiatus and went to carry on solo careers.Reunion for the Spice Girls happened in 2007-08 for the release of their Greatest Hits album tour in the United Kingdom.

Their second reunion was in 2012 for the London Olympics Closing ceremony.Like ABBA, there is a musical for the Spice Girls play entitled Viva Forever.

On a side-note, the Union Jack became a popular phenomenon after Geri Halliwell wore the famous Union Jack dress. They also made the catchphrase “Girl Power” popular for a feel of empowerment of young girls around the world. The Spice Girls were dubbed the second of 90’s British Invasion.


I loved listening to Spice Girls when I was a kid; my favourite all-girl band of the that time. Their songs gave confidence to young girls and demonstrated the concepts of friendship and loyalty, in my opinion. Also, there was really rhythm and beat to the music. The song Wannabe is a good example of the importance of friendship. I knew all their songs by heart and enjoyed their music videos.The Spice Girls band has me thinking how I would like to see more girl bands. There probably are, and with time I hope to discover them with my blog

The song  Wannabe was release 20 years ago this week. They were the girl band that was most famous of the 90’s.


In the summer of 1998, I attended their concert in Montreal. By then,Geri Halliwell had left the group prior to the tour, which disappointed me a bit. However, the concert was still incredible to watch.This was a band whose merchandise was very popular and was everywhere. I remember using the backpack quite a bit, and playing with a faux cellphone. My favourite was the Spice Girl platforms. Although, I tripped a couple of times, I still enjoyed them. Lasty, the most unforgettable moment was when the Spice Girls performed at the London 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony. They sang a medley of their classics including “Spice Up Your Life”.





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