2017 Grammys Overview

This year’s Grammy’s  were incredible. James Corden did a fantastic job hosting this year. His sense of humour was put to good use. He’s funny, as well as kind. I was especially moved by his introductory to tribute to the late George Michael and the late Prince.

Congratulations to Adele on her five Grammys! She is a very talented artist. I admired her speech to Beyonce during her speech for receiving the Grammy for Album of the Year. That’s incredible. She’s so kind and so humble. Bravo Adele!

There were so many amazing performances by the musicians. My favourite performances were Adele’s two performances: the one at the beginning when she sang Hello and her tribute to George Michael. I was surprised to see her restart her tribute. However, when I heard saying she was having technical problems with her mic and that she wanted to get it right, I understood why she wanted to redo it. Paying tribute to a music legend like the George Michael is a big a deal. I admire her courage to redo it.  She did a fantastic job. I was really moved by it. Her version of the song Fastlove was incredible and suited her musical style perfectly.  The montage of images of George Michael was well done. There were clips of some of his classics like Careless Whisper (one of which was the first clip), and I’m Your Man.

The performance by Beyonce was incredible and favoured empowerment for women. Power to her! Bravo Beyonce! 

Ed Sheeran’s performance was also amazing. His music getting better and better. I look forward to hearing more music from this British artist.

The Weeknd’s performance was spectacular. The Canadian singer rocked it! Daft Punk also did a good job. Loved it!

The tribute to Prince was also amazing. Bruno Mars gave an epic performance along with The Time. I enjoyed watching artists in the audience dancing along to the music.

The BeeGees homage segment was unexpected and super fun. My mom and I were dancing the hits of Staying Alive and Tragedy. Loved the country twist of the song How Deep is Your Love.

The In Memoriam segment was touching as always, but this time it was different. I felt even more emotional because we’d lost so many musicians last year. 2016 was a rough year with the passing of so many musicians. I still can’t believe it.

Lastly, the New Artist of the Year is my fave part. Congratulations to Chance the Rapper. His music is definitely worth listening to.


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