First Single Fridays: Silverdrive 35 “Bleeding Heart”

Country: Sweden
Musical genre(s): Country
Years of experience: 2016-present
Members: Eli Stream
                Carl Fredrik

Silverdrive 35 is an emerging group from Sweden who released their first single last May entitled
Bleeding Heart. If I didn’t know they were Swedish, I would have thought they were American, because Country music is known there. Kudos for Silverdrive 35 to experiment with Country music.

The song talks about heartbreak in the midst of a musical career. There’s an interactive feel to it when they say that the listener can sing along. However, despite the heartbreak, there’s also a sense of hope, a silver lining in  moving on with his life by focusing on his career.

The music is with a country feel, with a European twist. The beat is complementary to the lyrics being sung.  I love the lyrics because of the simplicity in them.  It’s so exciting to hear Country coming from Europe. It definitely makes an interesting addition to the Country music.  Country music is no longer limited to the U.S and Canada.

Looking forward to hearing more of their music. Wish them success in their musical career. 🙂


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