Celine Dion “Encore Un Soir”

Country: Canada
Genre(s): Pop
Experience: 1980-Present

Celine Dion’s latest album Encore Un Soir  is amazing!  It’s an album filled with optimism and hope. I have listened to the deluxe edition and it’s incredible. The bonus tracks are

The composition of the music is incredible. The melodies are beautiful and rhythmic. There’s a variety of musical styles and tempos. Celine Dion’s voice compliments the music very well. The overall tempo in the album is slow pace.  Les yeux au ciel and A vous  have a faster tempo, giving it an interesting dynamic.

The lyrics are poetic and have lovely rhythm to them. The first example is “Si c’était à refaire” is an emotional song that’s really touching. Ordinaire is sentimental and filled with raw emotion. It’s not a sad album at all. It’s filled with emotion, but there’s a sense of hope and optimism. Encore Un Soir is a bittersweet song, because it was the first single since the passing of her late husband Rene Angelil. A la plus haute branche is also a song that’s bittersweet. There’s a sense of searching oneself, but also hope to continue living life to the fullest, so L’étoile. Trois Heures Vingt I like because of how it has the feel of the 90s music.  Her most optimistic songs are My Faille, Les Yeux au Ciel,  Le Bonheur en face, Ma force,  Je nous veux, and Plus qu’ailleurs.

My favourite songs are Encore Un Soir,  L’étoile, Je nous veux, Les yeux au ciel, Trois Heures Vingt

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