Iwan’s 2016 Single “Al Akaber”

Country: Lebanon
Genre: Arabic pop

Iwan released a new single “Al Akaber” (Translation: unknown subject to change). The music and lyrics by Iwan. A Summer hit for the Lebanese pop star. 🙂

The lyrics are deep and thought-provoking. There’s a religious feel to it in a subtle way. It doesn’t explicitly mentioned God or any religion. It’s the second song performed by Iwan that isn’t a romantic one.  This song is about doing good deeds. With the depth of these lyrics, it was tough to understand the meaning of the song. It took me few time times to understand because there’s a poetic vocabulary that is close to the literary Arabic.

The music is consistent. The beat is very Jazz-like. It compliments the lyrics and Iwan’s voice very well.  The end of the song where the music fades is a nice touch. The overall composition is incredible and also poetic like the lyrics.

Every single Iwan releases is just as amazing as the one before it. I look to his next album. His music is incredible. Plus, he’s known for writing and composing many his own songs.



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