Samo Zaen’ Summer Single “Enta Shabahi”

Country: Syria (Lives in Egypt)

Genre(s): Arabic Pop
Samo Zaen’s latest single “Inta Shabahi” (You’re Like Me)  is his latest single. It has a dance beat that is popular. It’s not my style, however.  

The lyrics are simple and also romantic. His voice is incredible as always. The music, however, is not my style. I’m not into the “dance/DJ” music style, but I do understand why people like it. It gets you moving, especially if you like going to a dance club. I do like that it sounds like Summer and the beach. I just wish there more of the Arabic-style beat. There’s  a disco beat that I like, and you hear it on some parts of the song.

I enjoy how his songs are romantic, just like this single.  He talks about how he admires the woman he cares about. He appreciates her. That’s my interpretation. I visualize a couple going to a club or a major event.  The song is fun to listen to, but like I said it lacks the Arabic-style dance music.

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