Nassif Zeytoun Toul El Yom: Album of the Summer!

Country: Syria
Genre: Arabic Pop/ Folk

Nassif Zeytoun has released a new album “Toul El-Yom” (Throughout the day).  It’s Arabic pop with hint of Folklore. There is also pop music that’s similar to American music.This is his third album in his career, as well as his second one for this year. He released it last March; it’s “Mich Aam Tezbat Maii” (It’s not working out for me).

The music in this album is an interesting hybrid of musical genres: dabkeh with pop and folk. It’s like East meets West without one overpowering the other.  The music has the influence of Tarab (classic Arab music from the period of the 40s to the 70s). Some songs remind of songs from the late AbdelHalim Hafez.  It reminds of Syrian culture and its rich history. There’s darbakeh (similar to a drum) and qanoon (and instrument with strings) that are used in the music.

His voice is lovely and rich. It’s consistent and flows smoothly. When you hear Nassif Zeytoun sing, it’s unforgettable.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he was asked to perform at weddings. He adapts his voice well to the music, especially when his sings the Arabic pop music.  I look forward to hearing his other albums.

My favourite songs are “Nami Aa Sadri”, “Toul El Yom”, “Aala Ayya Asas”, “Adda wa Edoud”, and “Shou Helo”. *

On a side note:
In 2010, Nassif Zeytoun he won the competition at the Star Academy Arab World (Arabic version of Star Academy). He was the first Syrian to have won this competition.

*Translation for the titles of the Arabic songs coming soon



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